This blog is includes a lot of the mediocre drawings I have done over the years and ones I am still making. It is really old and I barley update it, but I will try to every week, but won’t. I do not put too much effort into my sketches and drawings, but it is something I love to do and keeps me entertained. I am a son. A partial dog walker. A friend. A Guitar player. And I am amazing at wasting time on the computer. Please leave any comments.

-Amar Ahmad age 13

  1. Hey Amar,

    You might not remember me, but I’m your Dad’s friend who showed you some of my video editing in Arlington. It’s so great to see your blog and your artwork. I especially like how you explain where you were when you made each drawing. I think that makes the experience more personal.

    Well done and I hope you keep at it!


  2. Tom Guglielmo

    Great work, Amar! (We met in DC, you might recall. Hung out with your father at the Library of Congress.) Loved the drawings and paintings!

  3. Bernice Lerner

    Your art is awesome! I loved reading about the sources of your inspiration.

    Love the “calendar paintings.”

    Great selection of jokes/cartoons at the end.

    Keep this going!


  4. Hey Amar,
    Dada and I are SO proud of you . Your work is awesome .Look forward to seeing your updates each week. Look forward to chatting with you on Sundays.
    Much love

  5. dante vukotic ferri

    thanks Amar for doing that . I made a cool drawing of a ninja yesterday and on the top of the paper I wrote don’t stop till its over… like a ninja!

  6. cardinal robinson

    Toooooooooooooooooootaly awesome site i like your drawings and the how to be awesome video so cool (sorry about the øōoõóòöôooooo’s)

  7. im blogging. OMG. lalalalalalala

  8. thanks for putting up my drawings

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