Small zine I drew with my friend. All very random. Described as “Vaguely revealing the meaning of life”, by a classmate.zine#3000A doodle in class and then inked in a little. ScanAn album cover I made black and white, and added the bands name. Might be a possible screenprint idea. screen idea 2Print idea 2. Again just a album cover,  that I turned black and white. print idea 2Zine panels/ other old stuff: Scan 2ScanScanScan 1Scan 2

There is another comic I am still working on that will be done soon (Hopefully). Sorry for the late update.



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  1. Loving all of this, Amar – thanks for sharing! And how did you get those heavy hitters to review your work?!

    • Ah thanks Tom! Thanks so much for commenting on my stuff, really appreciate it. Hope you’re projects are going well too. Can’t wait to see the promotional video for the book!

  2. Amar, good stuff. I like how your comic book layouts are getting so cool.. And I think those black and whites would be great screen prints. Also, happy to blurb your next book… unless Salinger comes back from the dead!

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