Little fold up comic…

Scan 1Scan 5


this is a little zine I made about song lyrics. It looks better when it’s all folded up.


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  1. Cool beans, Amar. I really like how you’re experimenting with different forms – keep it up!

  2. Good stuff, Amar. I really like how you tell a whole story in one picture, or a couple of them- I can see how you’re creating your own style of graphics… super cool. So proud of you.

    • Thanks so much. I had a little bit of time this long weekend and I decided to take advantage of it and do something small. It was a little but rushed but I think it turned out okay. Next time I’ll actually try to make it a story.

  3. Very cool. If Paul has a website with his email address, you should send this to him. Who knows. Maybe it will end up in the liner notes of his next album.

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