Recent Sketches…

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These are sketches from my recent sketchbook that I just finished. They are not that great. Most of them are Anders Nilsen based drawings, a really amazing graphic novelist.


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  1. Awesome !!!!! love the detail in your work

  2. The kitchen sketch looks very familiar 🙂

  3. Very nice – I think I like the guy on the kitchen floor best, maybe because I’ve sometimes been the guy on the kitchen floor! Keep at it, Amar!

    • Hey Tom, Thanks so much. Hope you are well and working on some cool stuff. It would be great if you could send me some of you recent projects! i’d love to see it.

  4. Amar,
    Great stuff. And I think that the best way to learn is to copy someone you like- so keep copying Anders Nilsen, and you’ll soon develop your own style!

  5. Amar Hi!
    Good going.
    I like the multiple hands one and “Shakoor” on the floor of the kitchen at your Nani’s place; best!!!
    But then again, I guess, I like the fact that ure sketching; very much.
    Don’t stop!!!
    Loveya LOADS.

    • Hi Chippy, Thank you very much. I’m not exactly sure that man on the floor is shakoor, but it sort of resembles him I guess. I won’t stop sketching! Hope you are well.

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